Teaching maximal nutrition habits at a young age will pay dividends throughout a persons lifetime. We used engineering principles to make a easy, low cost meal that is as easy as Throw and Go.

Time Studies

Throw and go.

Using time studies, we optimize recipes to eliminate non-value added steps.

  • Eliminate cutting ingredients
  • Salts and Spices optimized in a less than $1 can of soup
  • Slowcookers as an easy and safe way to cook food

In only a moment, a child will be able to associate ingredients with a delicious meal.

Data Driven Cost Reductions

A half decade of research into food nutrition, including Calories Per Dollar, Protein Per Dollar, and 44 different Vitamins and Minerals Per Dollar, we have a mathematically driven solution to low cost foods.

Ingredients will be bought local to the location of events. Adjusting ingredients if necessary depending on food availability.

Our goal is to have children obtain and cook a meal for an entire family for $5.